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Shed Base - After

Extra Large Shed Base - Cooper's Fodder Store

Mt. Pleasant

Our curstomer needed a shed base laid out for his new fodder shed. We cut back the block, level it out, delivered and laid down the surface materials and then finally roll it out with a Roller. The shed was 18m x 40m (60 x 150 ft). Later we also helped lay down bases and install his rainwater tanks.

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Shed Base - After Shed Base - Finished

Excavation for Car Parking Area


Client wanted a clearly defined car parking area at their place of residence. The job required a lot more manoeuvring due to the confined area (lots of trees and overhanging branches). We cut out, excavated and levelled the area then laid down surface materials.

Car Park - Before Car Park - After

Lawn Preparation


Client's property was in a new estate and was looking to have a lawn put in. We helped with the preparation; clearing and levelling of the area, delivery and laying down of the sandy loam (12 tonnes) - all ready and prepped for the lawn installation.

Lawn Preparation - Before Lawn Preparation - Materials Delivered Lawn Preparation - After

Building Site Clean Up and Preparation


New piece of land that needed clearing and levelling ready for building and development.

Building Site - Before Building Site - After

Recycled Bitumen Driveway

Yacka Ridge Alpacas - Mt. Pleasant

This client regularly needed repairs done to his driveway due to rain errosion. We suggested using recycled bitumen as a potential solution. When the bitumen is exposed to heat (sun) it binds and re-enforces the materials laid down. This seemed to do the trick and we have one happy customers - Read Testimonial.

Bitumen Gravel Driveway Maintenance Driveway Repairs

Driveway Installation

Driveway installation - Before Driveway installation - After

Replacing Bitumen for a Garden Bed


Client lived in a retired school house and required the old bitumen playground area to be cut and dug up to make way for a new garden bed.
Services included, cutting bitumen, digging up, clearing and disposal.

Garden Bed - Before Garden Bed - During Garden Bed - After

Tree Root Extraction - Driveway Preparation


Client required assistance with the extraction and disposal of old tree roots to make way for their new driveway. We were able to source a bigger machine to do the job (8 Tonne excavator) and we helped with the disposal of the greenwaste.

Vegetation Extraction - Before Vegetation Extraction - After

Retaining Wall

Mt. Pleasant

Hole boring for steel post and concrete sleeper installation to set up a retaining wall for the client.

Retaining Wall Installation (Posts) - Before Retaining Wall Installation (Posts) - During Retaining Wall Installation (Posts) - After

Retaining Wall & Landscaping


The client wanted their back yard to be more level with the rear of their house. Using the Laser Level we installed a retaining wall and redistributed earth to make the area level. It's now ready for garden beds and play equipment!

Retaining Wall Installation (Posts) - Before Retaining Wall - During Retaining Wall - After

Precision Trenching for Scientific Study

Tomich Wines Winery - Woodside

The Winery was conducting a scientific study testing the soil moisture in the local area. They needed trenches dug to specific depths as well as access trenches to regularly test and assess the results. Once the equipment was installed, the trenches needed to be filled and covered (as if we were never there).

Scientific Study - Before Scientific Study - After

Base for an Aquamate Rainwater Tank

Penrice (Barossa)

This was an large job requiring 80 tonne of materials which we supplied and delivered. We had to build up the area to make it level, essential for the rank tank installation.

Rainwater Tank Base Installation - Before Rainwater Tank Base Installation - During Rainwater Tank Base Installation - After