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Heavy Equipment Hire


  • Heavy Load Hauling
  • Excavation & Earthworks
  • Trenching & Hole Boring
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Our Equipment

We have a range of heavy machinery that can be hired with a fully licensed and experienced operator. Select from the list below to see more infromation on our available equipment.


Tipper Truck


Bobcat (and Extensions)

Laser Levelling Equipment


Please note – Our equipment is not for daily hire. All machinery and work is carried out by the owner/operator.


13 Tonne Tipper Truck


Weight: 13 Tonne Tandem Axel Rigid Tipper

Dimensions:  Width: 2.5m --- Height: 3.5m --- Length: 7.5m

Minimum Clearance: 

  • Transportation and delivery of raw materials; sand, metal, wood chip, rock and landscaping products
  • Rubbish and heavy waste disposal
  • Concrete and Earth removal and disposal
  • Livestock disposal
  • Heavy load hauling


3 Tonne Excavator


Weight: 3 Tonne

Dimensions: Width : 1.5m -- Height : 2.4m -- Length: 4.5m

Minimum Clearance: 1.8m*

Bucket Sizes: 0.3 m | 0. 45m | 0.6m | 1.2m

  • Loading and redistributing
  • Trenching, digging and landscaping
  • Driveway preparation and repairs
  • Tree stump and vegetation extraction
  • Septic soakage pits
  • Access to larger Excavators (up to 8 Tonne
  • Access to Rollers for increased compaction on driveways, shed bases, etc
* Canopy of the excavator can be removed and will allow access to carports and low sheds.


2.3 Tonne Bobcat
Bobcat Hole Borer
Bobcat Trench Digger


Compact Loader and Excavator

Weight: 2.3 Tonne

Dimensions: Width: 1.5m -- Height: 2m -- Length: Varies with extensions

Minimum Clearance:

  • Scraping, digging, levelling and bulk loading
  • Site excavations; driveways, shed bases, tank bases
  • Clean up of building sites
  • Hole boring for posts and pylons
  • Trenching for storm water, electrical, rural drainage, etc
  • Retaining Walls - steel, concrete or timber sleeper supports.
    * You may require council approval for retaining walls over a metre in height.

Hole Boring Extension (Posts and Pylons)

Post or pylon hole boring up to 600mm in diametre. Both the Bobcat and Excavator can be used for hole boring, giving you greater flexibility in relation to access and a choice of extensions to suit.

Hole Borer Sizes: 0.25m | 0.45m | 0.6m 


Compact Chain Trencher (Extension)

The Chain Trencher can reach a depth of 600mm (Max) and a 100mm wide. We can trench with the excavator from a min of 300mm wide and upwards, and to any depth.

Trench Depth: 0.6 m (max)    Width: 0.1m

Any bigger will require the Excavator.






Laser Levelling Equipment


We use a Dumpy Level to ensure precision and accuracy with all our work.

  • High precision and stability
  • Ensures accurate assessment in establishing a horizontal plane
  • Ideal for landscaping and excavation work